Dental Stem Cells

Banking on Stem Cells

Most people agree that stem cells are the future of health. But few realize that banking their own cells is key to taking advantage of these breakthroughs. That's where OOTHY comes in. Our unique process collects, harvests and stores kids stem cells today so they can protect all of their tomorrows. 

How OOTHY Works

The best opportunity to collect dental stem cells is when children are losing their baby teeth or when adolescents have molars removed for orthodontic reasons. Stem cells can also be recovered from wisdom teeth or any time a tooth is removed as an adult.

Collect Your Tooth

Use the OOTHY Collection Kit to collect, protect and preserve your tooth and send it to our lab for processing.

Process the Stem Cells

Our lab will process and cryopreserve the dental pulp tissue after conducting various tests to determine viability and sterility.

Store Your Stem Cells

The stem cells are cryopreserved at -321° F (-196°C) in our FDA-registered and inspected lab, so you can access them in the future.

Stem Cells Can Heal Us From Head to Toe

  • Brain
  • Teeth
  • Skin
  • Eyes
  • Joints
  • Organs
  • Blood
  • Bones
  • Tissues

"The stem cells in my daughter's teeth were too valuable to be hidden under a pillow." - Tina Altera

Tooth Collection Kit

The OOTHY Collection Kit contains everything you need to protect, preserve and return your child's tooth to our laboratory as soon as it comes out. Our service includes the collection kit, dental pulp tissue processing, confirming validity and sterility for future use, and cryogenic storage.

Saving Stem Cells Since 2002

Best Patient Care

We're obsessed with providing the best professional advice and insights for future care.

In-Depth Lab Reports

Our lab offers detailed dental pulp tissue viability reports and specimen analysis.

High End Treatments

We harvest dental pulp tissue based on the latest research that can be used for future cellular therapies. 

About Us

Hundreds of millions of sperm vie for a single egg cell, but it’s just two cells that unite and make us who we are. The two O’s in OOTHY symbolize the cells of LIFE and the incredible healing potential that exists in all of us...

OOTHY's team of researchers, scientists and health seekers are a group of passionate parents and grandparents just like you. We’re stem cell pioneers spreading the word about what we believe will be one of the greatest health breakthroughs ever: The ability to harness our OWN cells as a foundation for health and wellbeing. 

OOTHY was founded by parents for parents. Join us, and the millions of parents and grandparents securing their kids healthy future — one stem cell at a time. 


Medical Director


Laboratory & Research Director


Laboratory Supervisor


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Store a Tooth. Empower a Generation of Kids.

Kristen Bell shows her support. Photo courtesy of CMNH.

Since 2006, we have partnered with the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals to help children receive the healthcare they deserve.

For every life-giving stem cell we store, OOTHY donates a percentage of the purchase to help kids afford the same life-saving treatments.

By investing in your child's future health, you’re also making a big impact on other children's health today!

or call: (844) MY-OOTHY

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